Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy what?

We shall occupy… something!
Demonstrators in London were planning to set up a protest camp outside St Paul's Cathedral in a move inspired by Occupy Wall Street, which has seen a large gathering of people camp in New York's financial district since September.

One protester, Peter, said: "We're occupying and opening up this space directly next door to an institution which gambled with our economy recklessly and criminally." (src)

Look, I know that in spite of its long association with London, the custodians and employees of so great and venerable an institution have not always been found acting in the better interests of either the city of the wider nation; indeed, that it has at times been a den of thieves and a nest of vipers. We understand these things. But I am really at a loss to understand what the Church of England has done this time.

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